Victory Park and Museum Tour

  • Duration 3 hr
  • Price from 38 euros per person
  • Language English

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After walking around Red Square and visiting the Kremlin, you simply need to visit the grand park and the Victory Museum. This huge memorial was created in 1995 in memory of the the Second World War, known is Russia as The Great Patriotic War. You will be impressed by the size and beauty of this complex. Everything, starting from the architecture and landscape of the park and ending with the exhibition in the museum, tells a story about the exploits of the Russian people. Our charming guide will enchant you with the history of the Great Patriotic War and show you the monuments of the Park and the Museum:

The Memorial Church of St. George

The Holocaust Memorial Synagogue

A memorial mosque

An open air exhibition of military equipment and a number of sculptures

Six dioramas of key battles between the USSR and the Nazis

If you wish, you can come along on an excursion “Feat and Victory of the Great People”. Multimedia tools will educate you about the Great Patriotic War and you will learn about Stalin, the role of the State Defense Committee, and become familiar with the weapons and military equipment used in the war.

On the multimedia map, you will see how the battles unfolded and how the territories of the USSR and eleven European countries were liberated. You will see more than 400 exhibits of military equipment (armored vehicles, naval equipment, military aircraft and much more).

Duration: 3 hours
Includes: pick-up from hotel, entry ticket, professional guide.

Pax Price for a group, € Price per person, €
1 144 144
2 161 80,5
3 178 59
4 195 48,75
5 212 42,4
6 229 38

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