We love Moscow very much and want you to love it as much, even if you are limited in financial possibilities. We want guests from other countries to look at Moscow from the other side and see it as benevolent and free. And it is quite possible you will want to join our other daily tours.

You will see the heart of Moscow, its most iconic sights: St. Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, GUM, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theater, the changing of the guard and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. You will learn a lot of new and interesting information from our guides, they will not only inform you about historical facts that you will not find from any other source, but will also give useful travel advice about Moscow.

We do not take prepayment for services and we are different from other travel companies. Ours tours take place on a daily basis according to a standard schedule that you can see on our website. You simply book a tour that you like or go on the next tour after the free tour. Our guide will help you find a meeting place and share valuable recommendations.

Easily! Because our tours do not overlap and are scheduled in such a way that you will still have time for lunch.

We hold a tour to the Kremlin and do not take an advance payment for it. Join the tour to the Kremlin right after the free tour. We offer a tour every day except Thursday, when the Kremlin is closed.

Of course! We offer private guide services, for travellers who want to be more independent of the time and place of group tours. You can choose any time you like and our guide will meet you at a place of your and return you to the hotel after the tour ends. The tour will be organized according to your wishes. And we also offer transfer services.

We offer walking tours every, but if you wish we will happily arrange a bus or car tour.

Our company’s tour of the Golden Ring is the highest rated tour on TripAdvisor. The Golden Ring is a very popular destination among foreigners in Russia. Around Moscow, a large number of medieval Russian cities with incredible architecture and fascinating history. Moreover, the cities are filled with historical sites under the supervision of UNESCO. You can visit Suzdal and Vladimir in just one day, and whoever has time and wants to feel the spirit of Russian cities more deeply, we suggest our four-day tour of the Golden Ring. On our website you can find more information.