Suzdal & Vladimir private tour: 1 day

  • Duration 1 day
  • Price 135 € per person
  • Language English

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Around Moscow there are a large number of ancient Russian cities with incredible architecture and a deep history. The city of Suzdal is a small city, which you just need to visit and touch the thousand-year history. Moreover, this charming city is under the supervision of UNESCO.

In the program of your tour to the city of Suzdal – a visit to the Kremlin, tasting mead, a museum of wooden architecture. You will enjoy incredibly beautiful views of ancient churches, monasteries and absorb this unhurried provincial rhythm of a small ancient city.

Pax Price for a group, € Price per person, €
1 675 675
2 712 356
3 748 249,5
4 901 225,5
5 937 187,5
6 973 163,5

Includes: pick up / drop off from/to the hotel, car, personal driver, personal guide.

You can choose a transfer by train (Option)

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