Kremlin & Armory Skip-the-Line Tour

  • Duration 3 hr
  • Price from 349 € per person
  • Language English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese etc.

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The most important sight of Moscow is the Kremlin. Beyond the walls of this fortress, kings and Soviet leaders were based. It was after the October Revolution that the Soviet government was located here. Now the Kremlin is the residence of the Russian president.

The beauty of this castle can not be described, the walls of the Kremlin store a centuries-old history. All sights that have not been covered by our Free tour, you will see right here: Tsar-gun, Tsar Bell, cathedrals and incredible palaces of emperors. Here you will see the most luxurious museum in Moscow – the Armory Chamber, which stores treasures and crowns from Russian tsars, Faberge eggs, armor and weapons.

The next stage of the program will be a visit to the Diamond Fund, where you will have the opportunity to look at the Crown of the Russian Empire, which personified the symbol of the Russian monarchy.

With us you do not have to stand in a long queue to the Kremlin’s museum, we’ll get to the main entrance very quickly.

On our tour you will see:

Assumption Cathedral, the coronation place of Russian tsars

Tsar-Bell, the largest bell in the world

Tsar-Cannon, the biggest gun in the world

Armory Museum, a treasure trove of Russia

The world’s second biggest collection of Faberge Eggs.

Russian Diamond Fund

Crown of the Russian Empire – diamond crown, scepter and orb, the symbols of the Russian monarchy

Time: 9.30 (except Thursdays)
Meeting point: Lenin’s Library metro (Russian name is Biblioteka Lenina, Red Line), Feodor Dostoevsky Monument
Duration: 3 hours
Included: guide-interpreter, entrance tickets.

We can also arrange a shuttle to the meeting point.

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