Horse drawn sled in Kuskovo

  • Duration 1 hr
  • Price 510 euros for 4 people
  • Language English

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If you were lucky enough to be in Moscow in the winter, you just need to feel what true Russian spirit is about!

A troika of horses will carry you along the vast winter fields and stunning forests. During the trip you will be accompanied by a charming ringing of bells and comments from our charismatic guide.

We invite you to go sledging in the incredibly large and beautiful park of Kuskovo. You will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of aristocratic Russia and the only French park in Moscow. You will be able to see sculptures, pavilions and ponds. You will become a part of this Russian adventure and plunge into the XVIII century. By the way it was exactly then when the tradition of riding on the Russian troika was born.

You will be joined by an incredibly cheerful coachman and our wonderful guide. Do not forget your camera for absolutely magic pictures!

Price: 510 euros for 4 people
Included: One hour skiing on the Russian troika horses, professional guide, transfer from / to the hotel

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