Moscow Kremlin Tour

  • Time 2.30PM
  • Duration 1.5 hr
  • Available daily
  • Price 47 € / 3300 р
  • Students 39 € / 2800 р
  • Language English

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A visit to the Moscow Kremlin is almost compulsory, if you were in Moscow. Beyond the walls of this fortress, kings and Soviet leaders were based. Now the Kremlin is the residence of the Russian president. The beauty of this castle can not be described, the walls of the Kremlin store a centuries-old history. All sights that have not been covered by our Free tour, you will see right here: Tsar-gun, Tsar Bell, cathedrals and incredible palaces of emperors. Penetrate the atmosphere of the Moscow Kremlin, it was here that most events took place that changed the story of the 20th century! We provide quality service at an incredibly low price.

Enjoy such attractions as:

The Senate Palace, the residence of the President

15th century Uspensky Sobor (Assumption Cathedral), once the main cathedral of Moscow Kingdom

Archangelsky Sobor (Archangel Cathedral), the shrine of Tsars

Blagoveschensky Sobor (Cathedral of the Annunciation)

Kolokolnya Ivana Velikogo (Ivan the Great Bell Tower)

Tsar Kolokol (Tsar Bell) and Tsar Pushka (Tsar Cannon), two strangest monuments in Moscow

The Grand Kremlin Palace, the parade residence of the President

The meeting point:

1. Go to Biblioteka imeni Lenina (Red Line (#1)) or Alexandrovsky Sad (Light Blue Line (#4)) metro station.

2. Use any exit.

3. Find the Kutafia Tower of the Kremlin. The tour starts at the square in front of the tower (it looks like a crown: white with red) next to its big arch ( see how it looks ). Our guide will wait for you near this tower with a big red umbrella saying ”Moscow Free tour”

Meeting point